Thursday, March 12, 2020

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Policy Statements3500120112395 Essays - Free Essays, Term Papers Policy Statements3500120112395 You're preparing for a conference. You've been given a country. You've read the research report. You've researched your country's stance. You've even got some clauses ready that you think are pretty good. But what are you going to say? A policy statement is a necessity when you go to a conference. You may not want to talk, but the chairs have the right to call you up to speak whenever they want. In some conferences they even ask that you send them your speech before the conference! Policy statements can often be pretty boring, but they are useful. Through the statements you can learn what people's stances are on the issues and figure out which issue they have focused on. This lets you decide who will be your allies and who else may be your enemies. Here are some of the key things to put in a policy statement (this is not rigid but definitely recommended): Address the committee - The first thing you need to do is greet your audience, a way to do that would be by saying something like this when you start: "Fellow delegates and esteemed chairs" Tell them who you are - I don't mean your personality, but the country you're representing. Make this clear from very soon into the speech: "As the representative for Cambodia" or "On behalf of Jamaica" or just "Canada believes" Briefly state what the issue is - This could be general about all the issues being discussed in the committee or specifically about the topic you are going to discuss. Don't go on for ages about it though, they probably know most of the stuff anyway, keep it short and to the point Explain what has already been done to solve the issue - Focus this mainly on what your country has done, but make reference to other big events too. Again though, short and to the point, they don't need a detailed history of the crisis Introduce what solutions you think are the most important - Don't go in depth about your clauses but just state the general ideas you will be pushing for in a resolution: "Guatemala believes that the only way to solve this is through the removal of foreign military from Iraq to allow the country its independence again" Conclude formally/powerfully - "The delegate hopes for a discussion to solve these issues and help the world become a better place" (like that but less cliched) or "Without these solutions the world is guaranteed to slip into chaos. It is our duty to rectify the situation before this can happen" "The delegate yields the floor back to chair" (when asked) Here's an example of a policy statement (bear in mind that it should not really be more than 2 minutes in length and you can be stopped if the Chair's believe that time is running out). Honourable chairs, fellow delegates, it is with grave urgency that we meet today. Venezuela is considerately alarmed by the rise of extremism within Syria. We strongly oppose the actions of the "Islamic State", and their brutality within the Middle East. However violence from foreign powers must not be resorted to, as it would serve only to worsen the issue. Venezuela believes that the Syrian people should be the ones responsible for the resolution of their internal conflicts without foreign interference and should be assisted politically to develop solutions that encourage eventual peace within the region. The insurgency in Syria is a pressing issue that must of course be addressed. The use of religion to promote violence is an age-old tactic for those in search of power. In the past, we have condemned the military attacks by NATO against Syria as these serve only to fuel terrorist organisations. We propose that the financing of the Syrian civil war caused a conflict that escalated and gave terrorist groups leverage within the country and so will not support military measures sent in by countries extraneous to the local threat of the Islamic State. We propose meetings where the countries' governmental figures will be actively encouraged to find political solutions that will lead to peace within the region. We propose an alliance that allows the countries

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