Thursday, November 21, 2019

Critical Thinking # 3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Critical Thinking # 3 - Essay Example Through workplace diversity, employers enhance productivity and creativity and motivate employees to be loyal to the company. Moreover, workplace diversity is important since it develops competitive advantage since employees have the capacity to understand diverse customers’ needs. Companies that disregards people’s gender, race, religion, ethnic group, or sex develops competitive advantage in the diverse market. A diversified workforce is important since it allows employers to access a wide range of potential employees thus enhancing the chances of recruiting the most qualified and talented employee (Kerby and Burns 1). A market environment that includes, represents, and values employees help in motivating employees and fostering productivity. A diversified workforce promotes different cultures, creates an inclusive work environment, and reduces the costs of training and replacing employees (Kerby and Burns 1). In this case, employees understand the customers and identify with their needs to the benefit of the company. The inclusive workforce possesses different perspectives that help organizations to establish new opportunities, satisfy customers’ needs, and understand the market. As such, with the continued value of diversity in the global market, it is inherently important to recruit and retain a diversified workforce. Furthermore, employees in a diverse workplace gain various benefits. Such benefits include respect for one another that reduces the possibility of conflict in an organization (Mayhew 1). By recognizing other people’s opinion and cultures, employees in a diverse workplace establish common grounds that enhance productivity and positive working relations. The idea also helps in conflict management. In a diverse workplace, employees learn from one another, which help in adopting better working styles and developing positive attitudes in a business (Mayhew 1). Indeed, employees

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